Home Contents Update

Don’t forget to insure the things you don’t see everyday!

Sum Insured specialises in the research and production of building contents replacement cost information and web based expert calculation systems that help people to correctly insure their homes and in so doing avoid the financial difficulties that can result from being underinsured.

With the summer approaching many people’s minds start turning to the upcoming summer holidays and for many people this means experiencing the delights of camping at their favourite location on the river, at the beach or in the bush.

Granted it’s not always easy getting the car packed with what seems like a never ending collection of equipment from the tent through to air mattresses, sleeping bags, cookware, eskies, stoves, gas bottles, folding chairs, tables, lanterns, tools and a myriad of other essentials…………

In fact most people never give all these items a second thought throughout the year that is until it’s time to pack up for the family holiday!

However there is another time of year when you should consider these items and that’s when you are working out how much to insure your home contents for?

In fact the latest research by Sum Insured has shown that for a typical family of four including two adults and two children who take camping trips, may have anywhere from almost $4,000 to over $12,000 worth of camping equipment, depending on the standard of their gear.

Worth considering isn’t it!

Camping equipment for a typical family of 4:-

  • Accommodation (i.e. tents, swags and tarps) – $1,268 to $3,495
  • Sleeping (i.e. air beds and sleeping bags) – $469 to $3,010
  • Kitchen (i.e. cookware, eskies, fridges, stoves etc) – $1,477 to $3,776
  • Dining (i.e. chairs & tables) – $237 to $672
  • Ablutions (i.e. portable shower, toilet) – $210 to $727
  • General (i.e. pumps, lanterns, tools etc) - $125 to $423
  • Total - $3,786 to $12,103