Farm Contents Net ®

Sum Insured Farm Contents Net® is a web-based tool that enables users to quickly and easily calculate the correct replacement cost of the contents of their farming business.

Every year many farms are damaged by bush fires, storms and other natural disasters. Most of these farms are underinsured and when a farming business is underinsured, no one wins! The policyholder loses because at claim time they don’t receive their full entitlement that comes from being properly insured, whilst the insurer not only misses out on collecting the correct premium, but is left to deal with a disgruntled policyholder who feels they have been let down.

Easy to Use

Contents Net® works by asking the user a number of simple questions such as their location, farm type, level and standard of contents and details about the number and type of sheds and other areas associated with their farming business.

Based on our expert research, which includes a vast pool of pricing and statistical data, machine learning and unique AI capabilities the application then presents users with a replacement cost estimate for their farm contents. Each estimate is based on a detailed inventory list of items, quantities and prices and comes complete with a comprehensive PDF sum insured report.

A Wide Variety of Farm types Covered

The Sum Insured Farm Contents calculator can be used for a wide variety of farming businesses, including the following: -

  • Bee keeping
  • Beef cattle
  • Dairy
  • Deer
  • Poultry
  • Sheep
  • Cropping
  • Orchards
  • Vineyards
  • Mixed farms
  • Other

“Smart” Inventory System

Includes over two thousand items in 36 separate categories priced in three statistical grades, covering low, medium and high pricing. Inventory lists are automatically generated with users able to add, change and delete items. Users are also able to add product information including make, model and serial number data, they can even add images. Changes are then able to be saved to the cloud and accessed using a secure user name and password.

Contents Net® is available as a white label, fully customisable web based standalone calculator. It can be linked to any insurance or financial services web site providing users with a powerful tool to calculate and manage their farm contents information. Contents Net® provides organizations and users alike with a service that will give them peace of mind, knowing that should the unthinkable ever occur, their farm contents will be correctly insured for their true replacement cost.

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