CIRCA Landlord

Insuring your residential investment property makes good long term financial sense, particularly if you’ve taken out a loan on the property. In today’s increasingly busy world, investors are looking for easier, quicker and more cost- effective ways of doing everything, including purchasing insurance. Every year thousands of properties are damaged by fire, storms and other natural disasters with many of these properties being either uninsured or substantially underinsured.

CIRCA Landlord helps insurers, agencies and brokers to insure their valuable contents for the correct replacement cost, minimising risk and simplifying the insurance purchasing process.

Automatic landlord contents replacement cost estimates

CIRCA stands for “Contents Insurance Residential Cost Address” database and represents a major step forward in the way landlord contents sum insured replacement values are calculated. CIRCA combines detailed contents replacement cost information with property and household data, to provide an automatic landlord contents sum insured replacement cost for any property within Australia and New Zealand at the individual address level.

CIRCA Landlord simplifies & speeds up the contents quoting process, reduces quote dropouts and improves sales conversion rates, whilst at the same time improving the overall user experience and reducing call centre handling times. It also reduces the instance of landlord contents underinsurance. Each estimate is based on a detailed inventory list of items, quantities and prices and comes complete with a comprehensive PDF sum insured report. Sum Insured’s unique CIRCA database contains information including: -

  • Property type (i.e. home or unit)
  • Bedroom count
  • Type and quantity of other rooms (i.e. kitchen, bathroom, living room etc)
  • Standard of contents
  • Quantity of contents (i.e. floor coverings and window furnishings plus partly or fully furnished options)
  • Contents sum insured value

CIRCA Landlord is available as a white label customisable web based standalone calculator or thru one of our advanced APIs that enables the full integration of CIRCA Landlord into your quote or other business process.

Download a copy of Sum Insured CIRCA Landlord low-1Feb24