Contents Net

Building Contents Replacement Cost Calculators

There are three distinct building contents replacement cost calculators, known collectively as Contents Net, they include home, landlord and commercial versions. Each application is designed to give users the ability to quickly and easily calculate a reliable insurance reinstatement cost for their valuable assets.

The Contents Net applications are expert systems utilising an estimating methodology known as “Dynamic Elemental Modelling” or DEM for short. They provide a unique two stage process that initially works by asking the user a number of key questions about their property. The system then taps into a vast pool of pricing and statistical data, which in turn enables the generation of an accurate contents sum insured for the property based on detailed inventory lists.

Users are able to simply accept the estimated replacement cost for their building contents or they are able to access the detailed inventory list and fine tune their estimate by adding, changing or deleting items, which are then incorporated and re-calculated into their sum insured estimate.   

Contents Net calculators are “white” label products which can be deployed in their generic Sum Insured form or they can be customised to have the look and feel of any organisation providing the service. Each one is available over the web or alternatively through the intranet and each one is driven by Sum Insured's unique datasets.