Sum Insured is part of the Land Services SA Group established in 2001 and currently based in Sydney, Australia. Initially the business provided marketing services to retailers in the form of a mystery shopping service, assisting businesses to measure their quality of service, regulation compliance and to gather specific information about various products and services.

As a supplementary service Sum Insured began collating information on the replacement prices of a variety of home products from the various retailers for which they performed mystery shopping services. This research lead to the formation of a comprehensive replacement cost database of home and commercial contents items.

Today Sum Insured’s main business activity involves the research and sale of home, commercial and rural contents replacement cost information, estimating and inventory management software systems and consultancy services.

Sum Insured’s main products are web based home contents replacement cost estimating applications known as “CIRCA Net” and “Contents Net” for which it holds patents in both Australia and New Zealand. CIRCA is also available thru a commercial grade API, which enables the integration of the calculator into quote, renewal and other business processes. Sum Insured contents calculator services were launched into the Australian market in February 2005 and into the New Zealand market in 2012.