Contents Retriever

Contents Inventory Management

Sum Insured's home contents inventory management system known as "Contents Retriever" is an online application that enables users to calculate and store the correct replacement cost of their valuable home contents.

"Contents Retriever" works by asking users a number of simple questions, such as which rooms they have in their home, the number of people they have in their home and the standard of their home contents.

Then based on statistical averages drawn from Sum Insured's world class ongoing community research programme, the application builds a comprehensive list of contents, complete with quantities and replacement prices.

Having completed this initial estimate, users are able to change their estimate, to more closely reflect their own individual situation. This fine tuning process may involve alternative items from the database, differing item quantities or adding totally new items.

During this process users are also able to add additional information to any item within the database. This extra information can include a description, price, brand, model number, serial number and purchase date.

They can also add a graphical image and keep comprehensive notes on any item in the database.

Once users have entered a range of information they are able to save their home contents estimates in a totally safe and secure environment.

At any time in the future the user is then able to log onto their password protected stored estimate and add, change or delete information as their circumstances change.

"Contents Retriever" also includes automatic updating of a user's home contents values as costs change each year.

Lastly but most importantly, in the event that users are unfortunate enough to have a claim on their home contents policy, Contents Retriever enables them to access a complete inventory of their valuable home contents assets. This will assist them to make an accurate, fully substantiated claim with their insurance company, leading to a faster and more complete settlement.

Smart phone App

With Sum Insured Contents Retriever App you now have access to a growing group of powerful, easy to use applications that enable you to calculate and track, the replacement cost of your valuable home assets, anywhere, anytime.

Contents Retriever

Sum Insured's Contents Retriever App is a powerful application that enables you to quickly and easily calculate the correct replacement cost of your valuable home contents, anywhere, anytime.


Contents Net Mobile works by asking you a number of simple questions such as what rooms you have in your home, the number of people you have in your home and the standard of contents you have. Based on our expert research the application then builds a list of typical items, quantities and item prices and provides you with a complete replacement price estimate.


Contents Retriever is available for iPhone and Android

Technical Support

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