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Specialises in the research and production of building contents replacement cost information and enhanced web applications, in the residential, commercial and rural sectors.

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What we do?

Sum Insured helps insurers & brokers to assist their clients to establish accurate replacement costs for their contents assets, helping them to navigate quickly thru any quote process, whilst at the same time avoiding the dangers of being underinsured.

Sum Insured also helps users to quickly build & store detailed contents inventory lists, enabling them to keep track of their assets, greatly simplifying the claims process.

Our Products & Services


CIRCA stands for "Contents Insurance Residential Cost Address" database. CIRCA combines contents replacement cost information with property & household data, to provide an automatic home contents sum insured replacement cost for any property within Australia at the individual address level..

Contents Net

Contents Net® is an online contents replacement cost calculator that is available either over the web or alternatively through an Intranet.

Contents Retriever

Sum Insured's home contents inventory management system known as "Contents Retriever" is an online application that enables users to calculate and store the correct replacement cost of their valuable home contents.

Portfolio Benchmarking

Sum Insured offer data sets of information which can be used to effectively build your own calculators - ideal if you wish to build some type of sum insured calculation directly into your business or sales processes.

Home Contents Calculator

Helps users to calculate the insurance replacement cost of their valuable home contents, whilst at the same time assisting them to keep track of their assets.

New Estimate

You can create a new account after you complete your initial home contents replacement cost estimate.

Existing Estimate

You can view, add or edit an existing home contents replacement cost estimate stored in your account.

Mobile Applications

With Sum Insured mobile products and services you now have access to a growing group of powerful, easy to use applications that enable you to calculate and track, the replacement cost of your valuable home assets, anywhere, anytime.